Agent Spotlight – Oct 2016

Meet Joe - The UW Spotlight Agent for October 2016...
Agent Spotlight October 2016
Before Unique Writers Joe was a National Sales Director for a hose manufacturer in Oregon.

The company promised Joe the world and a 12% commission.

The opportunity sounded so great that he decided to pack everything up and relocate his family. He also agreed to a small base salary because he knew what he was capable of accomplishing. In the first six months, he was living off of his savings, but he knew the potential was worth it. As the savings were depleting a breakthrough happened … Joe landed six very large corporate accounts – a commission of $12,000,000! In case you missed it … that was twelve MILLION dollars!

Then the bottom fell out. The hose manufacturer was sued for acquiring more business than they were able to support. They closed their doors and Joe never saw a dime. He was devastated. Joe knew the layoff was imminent before it happened; and one day while driving home from Arizona (after setting up one of those large accounts) he got a call from his cousin. His cousin had been working for UW and started telling Joe about the opportunity. It sounded great but he was skeptical. He stopped by UW’s home office anyway and met with Mike Passaglia (CEO/President).

Joe returned home, after that initial meeting with Mike, to talk with his wife about the opportunity with UW. She told Joe “Honey, you’ve never let me down.” He was nervous because they were broke, borrowing money from family, and about to be homeless. He decided to go for it!

Five days later he finished the pre-licensing material, took the licensing test, and had his license.

Joe’s early beginnings with UW began with a list of 100 pre-approach leads. He wrote his first deal after knocking on the first door. It was a Final Expense client and he was paid four days later.

That’s when he knew he could do this!

Joe now enjoys being the Annuity Trainer and New Agent Support for UW. In this role he loves being able to come alongside new and veteran agents. Joe went all in with UW a few years ago and has never looked back. He had this to say, “It changed my life. I have time with family, I’m financially secure, and I know I can always make at least $250,000 a year producing.”

Filled with gratitude, Joe went on, “I owe Unique Writers everything. It’s the system and the belief in me that allowed me to get to where I’m at today.”

Joe described a favorite sale that also happened to be the largest commission he’s earned (from one client). He set up a Mortgage Protection appointment
and the meeting went great.

He wrote the Mortgage Protection coverage … and since he filled out the Financial eValuator in the initial meeting he was able to roll over both of their 401(k)’s. The final commission came to a total of $40,000! Joe gave credit to “sticking with the system that UW has in place.”

He that he focused on, “being a Mortgage Protection Specialist first” and then he was able to come back and see how else he could help his clients. He was able to get his clients the coverage they needed and was paid well for it.

Joe encourages agents to engulf themselves in the UWU Campuses. He recommended, “Don’t stray from what Unique Writers put in place and keep yourself accountable for your actions.” He also shared, “There are ups and downs. Ups are phenomenal! But we’re down you need to remember that it doesn’t last forever. That’s when you get with your coach so you don’t suffocate yourself.”

Joe’s been married for thirteen years has two kids (5 and 9), and likes to HUNT and fish. This year he also bought his dream house, dream dog, and dream car.


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