Heartland Financial Group names David Hosch as Director of Marketing

BLUE SPRINGS, MO., January 9, 2020 – Heartland Financial Group (“HFG”) recently announced that David Hosch, Vice President of Marketing at One Life America (“One Life”), would be assuming the role of Director of Marketing for HFG and all its companies. 

David has been with One Life for 24 years in a variety of capacities. For the last few years, David has spearheaded One Life’s Marketing to include incentive trips, website initiatives, and agent recruiting efforts. 

“I look for Hosch to help bring change to our company and to unify our divisions and marketing campaigns,” said Tegrey Moot, HFG’s Chief Marketing Officer. “He’s a joy to be around and has a love for this business, our company, and his fellow employees that’s second to none.”
David’s role in our organization will encompass all agent-facing marketing initiatives and events, including, but not limited to, carrier and product marketing, incentive marketing, organization of events, and marketing to recruit and contract agents. This position will also be responsible for Heartland’s website management and oversight. As Director of Marketing, David will be responsible for producing valuable content for the company’s online presence, editorial design, and organizing the company’s publications. 

“David Hosch is the voice of One Life America and Heartland Financial Group. Having started as an agent, he understands the attitudes and concerns of the average agent and knows how to reach them with the written word or through other media,” said Lee Mowry, President & CEO of One Life America. “As Vice President of Marketing for One Life and Director of Marketing for Heartland Financial Group, David brings a fresh perspective to conveying the right message, be it a product rollout, a sales conference, or directly promoting the virtues of our organization. David is well respected by his peers and is a most valued member of our team.”

We look forward to unifying and creating more brand awareness and a stronger message about who we are as a company. Clearly communicating this is a massive goal for us to accomplish in the coming year. Please join us in congratulating and supporting David in his new role. 

You can reach David at his new email address:
David Hosch
Director of Marketing
800-748-0026 Ext 1229


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