Agent Spotlight – Jun 2016

Meet Emily - The UW Spotlight Agent for June 2016...
Emily was a Healthcare IT recruiter working 50 hours per week with an hour commute both ways. She spent her days at a desk making phone calls all day. She quickly found that the pay wasn’t very good; and the job didn’t offer the opportunity she had originally thought it would. THEN, Emily was introduced to Unique Writers through Christian – another one of our agents out of Texas.

It was after listening to Mike Passaglia talk to a team in Texas that Emily knew she was “ALL IN.” Not long after that meeting she quickly left her recruiter role to join Unique Writers in October of 2015. After getting her license, she jumped feet first into the Unique Writers step by step system. She works about 30 hours a week. And is close to earning $70,000 in sales, thus far.

When asked “Why? Why ‘this’?” Emily said, “I love making people knowledgeable. This is something a lot of people don’t want to think about or don’t know they need to think about or consider. I love making them aware of Mortgage Protection and the blessing it can be to their family.”

“I love when I really make a connection with people. An older man I met with just lost his wife. I could tell he was excited to have someone there to talk to. He showed me his flower garden and gorgeous backyard. He needed to be heard and listened to that day and I was excited to be able to do that for him. That is when this job becomes more about the people and not just the sales and numbers. Life is more than the money you make, but the people you touch and come in contact with.”

Make a weekly schedule and stick to it! I work 30 hours a week: appointments on Monday/Tuesday, paperwork on Wednesday, call leads on Thursday/Friday to set appointments for the next week. And, to stay on top of your business. The job isn’t done when you walk out of the client’s door. Check your business daily and try to get it placed as quickly as possible. That is a good agent. We can’t just sell. We have to PLACE the business.

Emily lives in Fort Worth, Texas where she graduated from TCU. She is 22, loves singing in her church choir, enjoys being outside, and having the freedom of setting her own work schedule. She is known by the Unique Writers family for her huge smile, love of pigs, and her amazing work ethic.


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