Leads are the lifeblood of most agents' business.

Leads help you get up and running quickly and consistently put you in front of people who have asked you to meet with them to take care of their insurance needs. High-quality prospects are a key ingredient to success in this business.

Heartland spends a great deal of time, effort, and money researching new and better ways to generate prospects. We test concepts in control areas and then push them out nationwide once those tests confirm the efficacy of the effort. We have one of the industry’s most ambitious lead generation programs, and we are constantly updating and refining our methods to produce better, more cost-efficient leads, that put qualified agents in front of qualified prospects.


Types of Leads

We provide you with no less than seven different types of leads to choose from. This includes the very best direct mail leads. These are the same leads that have made many agents wildly successful over the years.

Heartland controls the lead generation efforts from start to finish. We partner with other vendors as necessary to ensure that we establish and then keep a consistent lead flow coming to you, but we always stay intimately involved in this critical process. So while most life agents spend about 90% of their time prospecting and just 10% sitting with clients and closing sales, our agents spend more than 80% of their time sitting with clients and closing sales. It doesn’t take a genius to understand the simple fact that the more families you sit with, the more you close.

Heartland Vision Prospecting is the life blood of our business.

Heartland provides you with multiple prospecting methods to allow you to maximize your time and income. The more of these prospecting methods you embrace, the greater your income potential becomes.

To achieve uncommon success in your professional career as an agent, you must become “Lead Smart.” You must begin to embrace the idea and understand that reliance on just a single prospecting method… a single type of lead… will likely not allow you to achieve the long-term success you desire. Conversely, the use of multiple prospecting methods, working in harmony with a solid Financial Action Plan will allow you to achieve the pinnacle of success in this business.

HFG LeadSmart, in conjunction with our online lead management and prospecting and client management systems, allow you to maximize your prospecting investment whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned professional.


We only make money when you do

Unlike many companies that make money from selling you leads, we make no profit from our lead generation efforts. In fact, we spend far more on lead generation than we ever take in for lead sales. Ultimately, we only make money when you close a sale from a lead… just like you. That’s why we spend so much of our time time and energy ensuring that you have everything you need to achieve success. That includes proper training, mentoring and support.

Also, we don’t recycle our leads over and over and over again. We do recycle a limited number of leads for prospects where no sale has occurred within a specified period of time and make them available to you at tremendously discounted rates.