Agent Spotlight – Jul 2016

Meet Sara - The UW Spotlight Agent for July 2016...
Sara - UW July 2016 Agent Spotlight
Sara has been in life insurance for 21 years now. She began her career gaining experience in case management, underwriting, and managing a staff.

After 18 years in insurance, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to open a yogurt shop. She realized while running the yogurt shop that she missed insurance and wanted to return.
Upon her return to insurance, and just before joining Unique Writers, she spent a couple of years working inside the school districts helping the teachers and other staff with their insurance and prepare for retirement.

When asked what her experience has been like with Unique Writers she said, “They’re 100% committed … Always available … I’m impressed by how they want really good things for me,” especially when referring to the coaches at Unique Writers.
Currently, Sara is pressing into the Unique Writers system  with the support from our coaches. Sara noted that her income has doubled since joining the UW family, and she now works 30-40 hours a week. She is also currently ranked #2 on the leader board for annuity production with sales thus far this year of almost $500,000.00.

Sara started in insurance initially to pay her way through college. She was actually on track to be an interpreter after college; but never left insurance upon graduation. She witnessed firsthand the difference proper planning can make in someone’s life when her best friend’s father died. She enjoys the work and “It feels good when you’re helping people.”

Sara said it was scary going from managing a staff in the office to becoming an agent in the field; because of the uncertainty of the paycheck.
Because of this she resisted becoming an agent for a number of years, and it wasn’t until after she jumped into field production full time that she realized how much she liked it and would one day look back and say, “I wish I would have done it a little sooner … it’s a great career.”
She would encourage new agents to “stick with it … don’t give up” and “remember, when you’re meeting with a new client, you have so much to offer them and the help they really need.”

She has a 15 year old son, has been engaged most of this past year and was married on June 18th. Oh, and loves loves loves the San Francisco Giants. Go Giants!!!!


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