We are blessed to have found Heartland 5 years ago. A professional organization that strives for excellence. Heartland has cultivated an atmosphere of Leadership and teamwork. They believe in investing in their agents and agencies by providing a quality lead program and a multitude of A+ rated Life and Health carriers. They also provide resources, training academies, tools, and state of the art technology to help our agents become successful. It has never been easier to grow our agency here in Ohio. Our agents have become diversified by offering both Life and Health products to the senior market, making them true senior market advisors. We were honored to receive the prestigious Core Value Award in 2019. If you want to be successful and have a rewarding opportunity to pursue your career in the insurance industry, come be a part of the Heartland Family. We are so glad we did! 

Frank & Kimberly Z.

Financial Freedom Insurance Group

Drew J.


I have worked in the insurance industry over 10 years, and I have seen and heard just about everything.  I have sold over $2million in premium as an individual producer and I built an agency that issued over $25million in life premium alone in 2019.  I do not mention those numbers to brag whatsoever, but in hopes that anyone reading this will value my opinion and advice as coming from a credible source.  I made the change to work with Heartland in 2020 because of the total package they offer and because they practice what they preach.  The value proposition offered by Heartland is unrivaled in the insurance IMO space.  From their vast portfolio of life, health, Medicare and annuity products all with the highest comp in the industry, to the resources necessary for an agent to succeed, such as leads, CRM and training, Heartland offers the best total package for personal producers and managers.  I also love the structure of the company; each division (annuities, life, Medicare/ancillary health) is led by a team of extraordinary people with decades of experience and the desire to help agents succeed.  It allows agents to get expert advice and help closing deals on any case, regardless of that agent’s experience level.  Above all, what separates One Life from other IMO’s the most, are its staff and back office resources.  You get a level of personal care from the staff that simply does not exist in other IMO’s.  They genuinely care about their agents and managers and will do everything humanly possible to help them succeed.  Other companies can try to match the products, comp, leads, and training; however, none can match the people and personal care at Heartland. 


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