Agent Spotlight – Nov 2016

Meet Bianca - The UW Spotlight Agent for November 2016...
Agent Spotlight November 2016
Bianca began working for a credit union around the age of 17 to pay her way through college. Upon graduating she was recruited by a large corporate bank that began promoting quickly because of her hard work and excellence.

During her time at the bank, she worked closely with high profile clients starting small businesses and working an average of 50-60 hours per week.

The problem she kept running into was the better she performed the more she was promoted and the more hours she had to work.

As long as she can remember, Bianca has always wanted to be a business owner but was afraid of not being able to count on a steady paycheck. She also
wanted a career that was flexible enough that whenever she started a family, it would allow her to be at home more.

Looking for her desired schedule, Bianca left her position at the bank and accepted a Commercial Marketing Manager position for a well-known insurance company. But, her time with the company proved to be frustrating and a strain on her family.

One day, Bianca bumped into Sharon who was working with Unique Writers. Sharon told Bianca of the opportunity and how perfect it would be for her.

Bianca was skeptical after hearing what Sharon had shared due to her experience. She told Sharon that she “wasn’t buying it.” Well, after further conversations with Sharon, it wasn’t long before Bianca became an agent with Unique Writers!

Bianca started as an agent about a year and a half ago and has been enjoying her experience. She loves visiting clients and helping them find the protection that is truly best for them.

“Unique Writers has done a great job providing this opportunity for us (the agents). It was ‘the answer’ for my dreams, skills, experiences, and so much more!”
“It’s like family to me” Bianca said about working with her mentor. She likes the support she receives from her coaches and that this position challenges her to be the best she can be.

Bianca is one of Unique Writers agents who works part-time. She works 2-3 days a week and is one of the National Leader Board’s Top 20 Agents. In order to see success, she said “Every week, I need to be seeing clients – constantly … and working really hard on those days I’ve set aside.”

She said if she does that, she gets to enjoy the family time she’s always wanted, doing the things she loves and gets paid really well for it!

Bianca loves being an agent and helping her clients on appointments. She was also honest about having those tough days once and a while, “Sometimes I have rough days with the kids and start feeling, ‘I don’t think I can do this today.’”

Bianca says what helps her is she stops and thinks “What if this is someone’s aunt, grandma, or sister? What if something tragic happens today?” That’s enough to get her motivated, pick herself up, and keep moving forward.

“I’m here to help these families … I’m going to trust, stick to my game plan, show up, and write the policy.” And on one of these particular days, she pressed through and wrote a great policy for an older woman and was so glad she did!

Bianca learned that there are hard days and mistakes will be made. She reminds herself “Learning comes with disappointment. It doesn’t make me a bad agent. I just have to press through.”

She also encourages other agents to “listen deeper” and “get to the heart” of what your client really needs. You might go in for Mortgage Protection and walk out with a whole lot more – and the best coverage for the family.

Bianca has been married for almost 6 years, has two boys (3 and 5 years old), loves the outdoors, and is a singer-songwriter. She comes from a family of musicians and can play guitar, piano, and violin.


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