Agent Spotlight – May 2017

Meet Sam - The Legacy Life Spotlight Agent for May 2017...
Sam - The legacy Life Agent SPotlight for May 2017
Meet Sam – The Legacy Life Spotlight Agent for May 2017Before Legacy Life Insurance Solutions, Sam saw success while working in the mortgage industry … up until it crashed.

Sam was looking for work and was recruited by a well-known Independent Marketing Organization (IMO). He liked the transition from the mortgage industry to selling mortgage protection.

“I didn’t grow up wanting to do this, but I’ve discovered that it’s been a perfect fit for me.”

Even though Sam made a remarkable transition into this new field, he found the IMO’s structure challenging for new agents. The lead program had gaps, the training of new agents was nonexistent in some areas, and the overall structure was lacking. Sam was honest about his rough start in the insurance industry:

“I only made 1 sale in my first 8 months.”

Sam really liked insurance but decided it was time to switch companies. Over the years he found himself bouncing from agency to agency. Each company appeared okay at first, but over time just seemed to be missing the “complete package” he was looking for.

Sam continued to feel something was missing from the companies he had worked for. He couldn’t put his finger on it till one day while on the phone with a carrier. He asked if they could give him a recommendation to someone they enjoyed working with. They told him to reach out to an “Eric Salazar.” This was his impression of the exchange with Eric:

“Right away I noticed a lot of confidence in his voice. I could tell that he was genuine and trustworthy. He wasn’t like others, in the past, who was faking it – just trying to recruit me. Plus, all of his answers were spot on. I was really drawn to all that.”

Sometime later, Sam had a fantastic conversation with Mike Passaglia (President/CEO) when he decided to officially join the Legacy Life family.

Sam expounded on the culture and the differences he’s enjoyed since coming on board with Legacy Life; and how impactful it has been for him.

“Previously, I was going outside those other companies for coaching and paying $250 a month for it. It was good; but now, I get that top-notch coaching for free! I like everything that sets Legacy Life apart. It was a no brainer for me.”

“… insurance can feel very isolating … like you’re alone on an island. I mean, I’m here in New Jersey and I don’t see anyone on a weekly basis, except for my clients. But here, it feels like a community. I am constantly being inspired by the other agents and the stories they’re sharing. It feels so good to have that camaraderie.”

He went on to tell where he gained this sense of community:

“I never felt comfortable going to a conference in the past. But, I’ve been to every conference since I joined Legacy Life. For me, it’s become a business and something social. You get to meet the people you hear on the phone calls, you connect with other agents who are doing what you do in the field, and the training are just different when you’re there. It’s been incredible for me. The value I get from a conference is in meeting all the people and getting a crucial “nugget” that helps my business … I can’t get all of that over the phone.”

Sam has been working with Legacy Life for several years now. He is an extremely hard worker and has a huge heart for helping people. You can also find him as a regular on our National Leader Board.

Sam recalled a specific appointment that really stood out to him. It was a telemarketing lead that took a while to get ahold of. “It was really hard to get an appointment because she was so busy. The client kept pushing it off, but also kept telling me to call back … so I did what she asked me to do. I kept calling. I tried for over a month before we set up a time to meet.”

Sam was excited to get an opportunity to sit down with the client, but it wasn’t looking hopeful. His client was in her early 50’s, super healthy, and already had a lot of different policies. He found that she was being charged too much on her current policies and was able to get her better coverage – for a much better price. Three months later she surprisingly passed away. “I was completely shocked. She was young and healthy. You think they’re going to be okay, but the next day they could be gone.”

His client was a single mom who had a 16-year-old daughter. Sam was thankful that he was persistent and found her the coverage he had … especially since the policy provided for the daughter. “I love what I do. I know I’m doing something that really helps people. I see myself in insurance for a long time.”

1. Invest in yourself.

“It’s so important that we take the time to get the training we need so that we can really
learn our craft.”

2. Don’t give up!

“I’ve been doing this for 8 years and could have quit … especially in that first year. I mean, I bought 60 leads in a 30 day period and only made 1 sale! But, I didn’t quit. I stayed persistent. You have to keep going. It’s vital.”

Sam has been married for 7 years and has 2 sons (15 and 7 years old).

He and his family like spending time outdoors – especially going to the lake when the weather is warm.

He also enjoys attending his local church.


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