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Meet Kris - The UW Spotlight Agent for April 2017...
Meet Kris - The UW Spotlight Agent for April 2017
Before Unique Writers, Kris worked for the college he was attending. It didn’t take long to realize that building maintenance for the school and cleaning bathrooms and dorms wasn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Kris began learning more about insurance, different ways to invest money, and the importance of protecting families’ legacies when his dad changed careers and started in the insurance industry.

In 2012, Kris received his insurance license and through an Independent Marketing Organization (IMO) he went into business with his dad. They saw great success in the few years they were there. As time passed, and even though things were thriving for them, they began to feel that there was something more out there for the legacy of their business.

Kris and his dad moved to another IMO in 2015 and did quite well for themselves and their team. Again, they found themselves in a place where they were fortunate for the opportunities presented to them; but there was a stirring to find a place that fits the legacy they desired to build for their business.

Then in 2016, Kris saw one of the UW agents (Andrew) on Facebook and reached out to him. Kris met up with Andrew to talk about his experience and had this to say about the meeting, “It was his intensity to help as many people as possible that stuck out to me; as well as how successful he was his first year – especially without having any previous insurance experience. But what really struck a chord, was that this was the kind of company we had been looking for! Our agents would have a great system to follow and the opportunity to make a great income!”

Kris and his team made the official transition to the UW family in early 2017 and have been enjoying every bit of the experience. He expanded on his appreciation of the culture with UW and how helpful it is in providing new agents incredible opportunities.

“I like how the newest agent can learn as fast as possible and make money as fast as possible. We can ALL become successful. I also like how UW says, ‘This isn’t a ‘get rich’ thing.’ It’s not all hype. It takes grit and hard work. But if you really become a student of the business, put in the hard work, and stick to the UW scripts and system … then you will make really good money and help people protect their biggest assets.”

Kris also really enjoys going on appointments and helping people find coverage and the security their family needs in case tough times come down the road.

“In the past, we met more with clients in our office. Now, I love to meet with them in their house – they are more comfortable in their own space. I love seeing their excitement to open up their home … it really creates a better experience.

It’s also the small things that we’re encouraged to do that stick out to me … like bringing a small gift, maybe some chocolates, or stopping by just to say, ‘Hi.’ Clients will give me a hug or say things like, ‘You’re so nice’ … ‘No one has ever treated me like this!’ I know I’m building trust and lasting relationships when that happens.”

Kris has only been with UW for a handful of months, but with his strong work ethic and passion for helping people, start looking for him on the Leader Board!

Kris had tried calling a specific client several times and even stopped by the house on multiple occasions when he was in the neighborhood.
He was persistent and finally, SUCCESS! He set an appointment to meet with her on a Saturday morning. When he showed up for the appointment, she was cooking breakfast for 4-5 kids and had totally forgotten about it.

She invited Kris in and began to share about how her fiancé had passed away months ago from cancer. “I turned to her and asked if he had any coverage.

She said, ‘No’ and began sobbing. She went on to tell me how hard it had been.” She also shared that she saw how important it was to have coverage and filled out an application with Kris right there.

“Helping her find coverage and feel secure in their family’s toughest time, made me feel so rewarded that I could help them out.”

“At Conference, Ted DiBiase Jr. and I were talking about one of the session speakers who said, ‘If you’re faithful with little, you’ll be faithful with more’ and how that applied to us. Even if you’re just getting started this will help you be successful in work and in life.
What we do now, will help us when we become successful. We have to put in the effort, time, and work now if we want to see success and grow our businesses.”

Kris is a BIG family guy and loves hanging with them as much as possible – especially his 2 little sisters and 2 little brothers. He likes baseball (used to play when he was in school), being outdoors, on a lake, hiking and taking photos along the way. He also loves to travel. He said he has a goal … by age 30 he wants to travel to all 7 continents.
“It’s great that the insurance industry allows me the freedom, the income, and the time to do that (travel) … while getting to be my own boss.”


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