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National Life Group (LSW)

At National Life Group, we are a mission-driven and purposed-filled business. For us, the cause of what we do is as important as the products we sell. And our cause is a very simple one, directed at the people who live and work on America’s Main Streets: To Do good in our communities and with the individual families we serve.

For almost 170 years, we have aimed to keep our promises to provide families stability in good times and in bad. And throughout that history, we have provided peace of mind to those families as they plan their futures.


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But our mission extends well beyond the insurance and annuities policies that we sell. Our cause is also to make the world a better place through grants from our charitable foundation, paid time for our employees to volunteer at nonprofits, environmentally sustainable and healthy work sites, and fun, family friendly events that promote the work of nonprofits in our own backyard. We invite you to explore what we have to offer and to join the cause. United Home Life’s primary focus is providing affordable, flexible life insurance solutions.

National Life Group
1 National Life Drive
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Phone: (800) 344-7437
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