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Mutual of Omaha

A leading, well-known household brand, Mutual of Omaha (United of Omaha) provides outstanding products at extremely competitive rates. Offering perhaps the greatest breadth of products of any core carrier partner of Unique Writers, Mutual of Omaha can fill many, many needs with your clients.

“For more than a century, Mutual of Omaha has been committed to helping our customers through life’s transitions by providing an array of insurance, financial and banking products. We are a financially strong, family-oriented company based in the heart of America, with solid, unflinching values. Your peace of mind is our priority. Together with our affiliates, we offer products and services designed to meet your unique needs and help you achieve your financial goals.”


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For you, MoO offers outstanding commission rates… some of the best in the industry… with daily commission payments to get you paid as quickly as possible. It’s hard to go wrong with MoO. Take advantage of all they have to offer to you as an agent, and to your clients.

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
Mutual of Omaha Plaza
Omaha, Nebraska 68175
Phone: (800) 228-7104

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The MoO underwriting team wants to get your business issued quickly. That’s why they provide direct access to their underwriters. Call them to discuss the details of a case and expedite the underwriting process.

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Contact an Underwriter: (800) 775-7896

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Help Desk: (800) 693-6083     7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. CST (Monday – Friday)

Application Submission by Fax: (402) 997-1800

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Living Promise Whole Life (FE)

Living Promise Whole Life Insurance from United of Omaha Life Insurance Company is designed to help with final expenses and more. It can provide affordable protection that pays benefits directly to the person you choose.

Term Life Express 15, 20, 30

Term Life Express helps give your clients peace of mind in knowing that money will be available to help protect their family’s lifestyle and help pay off the mortgage if they die or help make mortgage payments if they suffer a disability.