LifeScape® Acci-Flex Term Life Insurance


LifeScape® Acci-Flex Term Life Insurance

Acci-Flex is an accidental death benefit, guaranteed-premium term life insurance policy. It is a non-participating policy. Premiums are guaranteed renewable to age 75. The policy is issued on a non-medical basis, however, after initial underwriting, some applicants may be required to complete an additional questionnaire or medical exam to determine insurability.

A health insurance license is required to sell Acci-Flex.

(Policy form L T02-E) NOTE: Product availability, rates and features may vary by state.

Product Details

Issue Ages: 18 through 60 (age last birthday)
Issue Amounts: $50,000 to $250,000
Policy Fee: $45, commissionable
Underwriting Classes: Male, female
Convertibility: The Acci-Flex Accidental Death Term Life Insurance policy is NOT convertible
Premiums: Level and guaranteed through expiry at age 75
Optional Riders: Waiver of Premium Rider Return of Premium Rider Accident Only Disability Income Rider
Payment Modes: Annual, semi-annual,list bill, monthly automatic bank withdrawal and credit card (recurring only)