Home Mortgage Series


Home Mortgage Series (HMS) offers five unique products to fill your clients needs.

The Home Mortgage Series is a specially designed selection of term and universal life insurance products that can help protect your client’s loved ones. Optional riders offer additional benefits to further protect the family home mortgage in times of financial hardship.

  • Simplified Issue. Home Mortgage Series is simplified issue. Most policies are issued within days of submission. It is quick and easy to apply!
  • Level and 5-Year Guarantee Periods Available. Clients can choose 30, 25, 20, or 15-year term periods and then choose either a fully guaranteed or a five-year guaranteed option. Five year option is not available with Cash Back Option product.
  • Mortgage not Required.  Unlike many competitors’ products, you do not need a mortgage to apply for Home Mortgage Series.
  • Cash Back Option. If your client chooses a product with Cash Back Option, they may request to receive 100% of base premiums back at the end of the no-lapse guarantee period.
  • Variety of Optional Riders. With so many available riders, it is easy to customize Home Mortgage Series to fit almost any client need. Our most popular riders are the Disability Income Rider and Waiver of Premium.

(See Agent Guide for full details and exclusions)

Product Details

Issue Ages: UL  20 – 60 (non-nicotine)  20-55 (nicotine)  (age last birthday) Term  20 – 75  (age last birthday) ADB  20 – 60  (age last birthday)
Issue Amounts: UL/Term  $25,000 to $400,000 ADB  $100,000 – $400,000
Policy Fee: UL  $90, commissionable Term  $80, commissionable ADB  none
Underwriting Classes: Non-Medical/SI
Convertibility: n/a
Premiums: Both Level and 5-year guaranteed available
Optional Riders: Disability Income (Also available on Additional Insured Rider) Critical Illness Accelerated Benefit Additional Insured Waiver of Monthly Specified Premium / Waver of Premium Involuntary Unemployment Waiver of Premium Children’s Term (up to $15,000 per child)
Payment Modes: Annual, semi-annual, monthly automatic bank draft
Training: See Americo’s Agent Cafe website