SureBridge (underwritten by Chesapeake Life) is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in the supplemental health insurance marketplace with an outstanding array of health products at extremely competitive prices. But even more exciting is their new term and final expense products.

Unique Writers is an exclusive independent distributor of these products, offering you as an agent an amazing opportunity to be “the only kid on your block” with these outstanding offerings.

"If you get sick or become injured, even with comprehensive medical insurance, you will likely face some medical or other unexpected expenses. SureBridge helps you navigate these twists and turns by paying cash benefits directly to you to help pay for anything you choose. Most medical insurance plans pay your doctors or hospital. SureBridge supplemental insurance plans pay you! It's that simple. You can use the money for anything you choose, from helping with insurance deductibles to mortgage payments. It's your money, your decision. SureBridge offers supplemental insurance policies designed to fit your budget and bridge the gaps when you are sick or injured to help protect your financial security. Illness, accidental injuries and hospitalizations can create unexpected expenses that medical insurance doesn't fully cover. SureBridge helps protect your financial security by paying cash benefits directly to you."


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SureBridge offers UW agents 80% advancing on all life products and 50% advancing on all health products. This alone should get you very excited. Learn how this little gem of a carrier can make a huge difference in your business.

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North Richland Hills, TX 76180
Phone: (800) 815-8535
Fax: (800) 343-3702

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Carrier Products & Training

Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

The SureBridge Final Expense plan can help pay the costs associated with a funeral and other remaining expenses or outstanding debts left behind.

Simplified Issue Convertible Term

A SureBridge Simplified Issue Convertible Term Life Insurance Policy may means that no medical exam or blood samples are required. The client simply answers a few yes/no questions.

SureBridge Supplemental Health Products

SureBridge offers a full suite of supplemental health products that are extremely cost-effective and simple to write as an agent.