Apex Dental

Introducing Apex Dental!

If you took all of the best parts of every DVH plan currently available and threw them into one plan, you would have Apex Dental. Every piece of this plan from the benefits, to the commissions, to the network, to the unbeatable price has been painstakingly curated and introduced into one amazing DVH product.


  • Commissions for LIFE
  • Benefit Levels of $1,500, $3,000, and $5,000 for $44.01, $49.55, and $56.50 respectively
  • 770,000+ access points with one of the largest networks in the country
  • 100% on Preventative, 80% on Basic Services (no waiting) and 50% on major services (waivable waiting period with prior coverage)
  • Majors include implants, complex extractions and more
  • Copay (NOT DISCOUNT) Hearing built in with FULL concierge service
  • Optional vision rider
    * Issue ages 18-99
    ** Arizona license required

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