Agent Spotlight – June 2017

Meet Josh - The Legacy Life Spotlight Agent for June 2017...
Meet Josh - The Legacy Life Spotlight Agent for June 2017
Josh moved to Florida a year ago to start attending college. He is currently finishing up his first year, already considered a junior – holding a 3.9 GPA – and pursuing an undergraduate degree in finance with the hopes of earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Before Legacy Life, Josh was working a position requiring him to report to a manager whose style was extremely toxic. Plus, the pay wasn’t worth sticking around for. It was the push he needed to begin looking for a new line of work.

He started applying to anything business-related and that looked appealing. He changed things up a bit and threw his resume out to some insurance companies as well.

It didn’t take long for companies to take notice. Even some well-known Independent Marketing Organizations (IMO) attempted to recruit him. One day, he clicked on a Craigslist job posting connecting him with Josh Sivak (an agent with Legacy Life). Sivak gave Josh an honest accounting about some of the IMO’s he was talking to … informing him that not all are what they say they are.

During the job search process, Josh was working on getting his insurance license. He passed his test with a score of 93. Soon after he got his license, Sivak introduced him to Eric Salazar (National Director of Sales) of Legacy Life.

Josh gave Eric a call to hear more about the options available to him.

“It went great. He told me to think about it overnight. I did. Then I got contacted right away and I’ve been happy ever since!”

Josh has officially been with the Legacy Life family for two months and enjoying this new experience. He shared a little bit about some of the aspects he likes about this opportunity.

“I’ve been in the same area of Florida since I moved; but now I like that I’m able to get out, explore, and get paid to do it. I’m not just trying to benefit my pocket
and hurt someone else’s. I love that I get to meet with people who see me as the professional I am.”

Josh expressed that the support he receives from his coach, consultants, and the staff at the home office has been crucial. He was honest about his experience starting out, that if the support wasn’t in a place he might have thrown in the towel.

“It’s been night and day since my last job. Eric is like a mentor to me. He has great advice and has really helped me out! Johnny (Production Consultant) has also really helped me … whether I have a product question or was in the home with a client – he’s been there for me. And, I get so much from the weekly National Sales Training Calls.”

Josh commented how great it’s been when he’s nearly 3,000 miles from the home office to have this kind of help – only a phone call away.

Josh has only been with Legacy Life for a couple of months. He definitely applies the mindset of work harder and smarter; as he leans into all the support available to him. He’s one of the agents that work at this part-time; but because he has a great system to run with, he’s already been on our National Leader Board … and we expect to see him on there as a regular very soon.

Josh recalled an appointment that made an impact on him. He met with a client in her 70’s whose husband had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease. It requires her to take care of him all day, every day. She told Josh of a life insurance policy she already had; and made it very clear that she wasn’t interested in meeting – because no one can find coverage for her husband. He didn’t let it devour him from finding them something for their specific needs. “I knew I could find them something; because all the carriers I have access to are great at helping even the most high-risk clients find coverage!”

He set the appointment, sat down with them, and showed them the coverage they needed. When his client heard this, she was overwhelmed with gratitude and began to cry. The husband was so happy because now if something happens to him, he has peace of mind that his wife will be taken care. “I almost cried. It’s nice there was an option available for them … it would pay off the rest of the mortgage too. And, I get to make about $1,000 off of it.”

Josh said the encouragement he would share is the advice given to him by his coach:

“You can’t be experienced without having experience.

As much as you try to learn all the scripts and products, you’re not going to be great unless you go out there and actually do it. There’s going to be a lot of obstacles; but if you sit there and quit, you’ll never win. It is a hard

Josh is a full-time student while also working for Legacy Life. He used to play football when he was in high school. Now he enjoys hanging out with his fraternity and his girlfriend. He’s pretty good at the guitar; but not looking to hit a big stage any time soon. He’s also a secret gamer on the side … when he has the time for it.


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