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Equitable Life & Casualty                   Pekin Life

Individual Assurance Company         GCU

Equitable National Life                       Puritan Life

Heartland National Life                      Americo

Pan-American                                     and more

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Equitable Live and Casualty

Pekin Insurance

GCU: Investing in the goodness of community

Americo Insurance Company

The Manhatten Life Insurance Company

Mutual of Omaha

Heartland National Life Insurance

Puritan Life Insurance

HFG is a full service marketing organization and has been operating in the senior market for over 30 years. With HFG’s expertise in Medicare Supplement product development, FMO’s, agencies, and independent agents across the country can count on us to for the highest level of customer service and efficiency with our product lines. Because of our recent progressions in technology and innovation, HFG also has a dedicated vision for call centers operating in several states. Call us now and get started with a leader in the business!

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